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I can see the light....

and I don't think it's a train!

I haven't slept well in days - bad dreams. :sigh: It makes for long days, let me tell you....I've just about caught up on my reading (except for the books I got yesterday at lunch - Sweet Geek took me to Half Price AND Penzey's, that sweet, sweet man! :grin:), and the sweater is moving along.

Got most of the particulars ironed out about b-day prezzie, v.2.0. I might need to send out a yarn sample; I sent pics out last night of what I need to match. :fingers crossed: Steph should be able to work her usual dye magic for me and we'll be good to go.

I need to tackle the kitchen tonight - it looks like a bomb went off in it. I can't stand, to work I will go.

Spoke with my neighbor last night about the deck idea. He quoted me about what I had figured, and gave me some advice. I passed it on to Sweet Geek - HE'S in charge of the outside, so it's in his ballpark now. :grin:

I've goofed off enough - gotta get back to the sweater (Ms. boss is, we get to relax a bit.)
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