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Busy busy busy

Whew! What a busy weekend...and it's not over yet!

Saturday was photo-day. We went to Oak Cliff, to the theatre where Oswald was captured and got some good photos. We then headed out to Old City Park Heritage Village....whoa. THAT place has grown since I was there 20 years ago!

Sweet Geek got some *awesome* photos of the potter there - he even stopped what he was doing (working in the garden) to throw a pot for us. Awesome, awesome, awesome - AND he's a spinner/weaver!!!! Coolness! We also got pictures of the mob of sheep that tried to attack my children, and....I decided I *need* to get some chickens.

I've thought about it for a while, but now I'm convinced that we need them. So...that's up next. Chicken coop and layers.

Today, we woke up late, started to church, then decided no, we needed more photos. Ended up at Thrallmart, where my Sweet Geek bought me a LOVELY Southern Magnolia. We spent most of the afternoon trying to get the auger on the Kubota...then he planted my tree for me. It's beautiful! :grin:

Gotta decided what's for supper, now....
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