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Long, blathering entry

Ugh. I don't think any knitting will occur today - my wrist is SO sore from yesterday's auger adventure. :sigh: Oh, did I not mention the fun'n'games we had with it? :snicker:

See, 3 years or so ago, the last time I had the auger on the Kubota, I had removed it "properly". I backed into the shed, dug the auger into the dirt, then unhitched it. The auger was sunk enough that it kept it upright, and it was easy to just back up and re-hitch. it turns out, I "didn't undo it properly". Not sure what I did wrong, since it was set up for easy attachment, but then - what do I know? :sigh: It was removed from the hole, and allowed to drop down into the dirt, where it languished for a year.

Yesterday, we tried to re-hitch it. Since it was no longer upright, and since junk had been dropped in front of it, I couldn't back the tractor up to it - I could only get to within 4 feet of it. So, I did what any smart but weak woman would do - I got Sweet Geek to help. :grin: *HE* had no problem picking up the attachment - with my help we were able to move it the 4 feet to the tractor, where the fun began. Because of the junk, I couldn't back in straight, and because of the dirt we couldn't just pop it on. :sigh: (And :fans self: It was *very* impressive watching him pick up the auger and move it around. :whew:)

After a lot of cussin' and straining, I went and got my neighbor - he was happy to come over and play with the Kubota. It took both men about half and hour to get it hitched up (finally!), then the guys had fun digging the hole for my tree. (I need to get a photo - it's a lovely Southern Magnolia, about 6' tall, and already starting to bud. Can't wait for it to bloom!)

So....all the lifting and pulling and banging I did really did a number on my wrist. Because of the way the auger was positioned, we had to manually maneuver it around..and that thing is *heavy*. Like....VERY Heavy. I was on the "light" end, but it was still really too heavy for my wimpy wrist. :sigh: Oh, well - it's attached now, and will stay that way for a bit. We have fences to re-do, and more trees to plant. (I want a couple of pecans, an apple, a pear, and maybe some berry bushes. We'll see...)

We're also going to get some laying hens.......things are gonna get tight soon, and I want a readily available source of meat and eggs. (Which is why we are re-doing the fences in the back. Need room for a storage shed, henhouse, and chicken run. Plus a garden). I just need to get some books on chicken management and I'll be in business (Carla Emery's book is *great*, but doesn't have enough info for me. Gotta hit Amazon, I think..)

My neighbor is buying some feeder cows, and I'm buying half of one from him, so we'll be set on beef. Gotta figure out milk...don't want my own cow, and not really wanting to have to fence for goats......gotta think on this one some more. :sigh:

We also discussed with Mr. Neighbor putting in a deck around the back of the house. He's going to do it (Sweet Geek is actually funding it - gotta love a man who knows what he wants and is willing to pay for it!) at basically cost, in CONCRETE, with a cover...for MUCH less than the steel-supported wood deck we originally were thinking of.

The current thought is to close in the patio and move the loom out there...but that's just preliminary discussions. We might not - at first, Sweet Geek was all over it, then he wasn't, so I don't know. :grin: He wants a "formal" dining room, but then we'd have to have 2 dining sets - 1 for the eat-in kitchen, and 1 for the dining room. So....we'll see. Landscaping and deck first, methinks.

:huh: Re-reading this makes it sound a lot more dictorial than it really is. I agree with the deck - in fact, it was MY idea (since we both love wrap around porches, but can't find an existing house with one that'll work, and neither of us can see spending the money to build another house, since this one is just 4 years old). Moving the loom - I am OK with it, as long as it's in a climate-controlled environment. I'd prefer it be attached to the house in some way, but am willing to consider a totally separate studio space. Sweet Geek *is* in charge of the landscaping - I kill plants just by looking at them; he has a very green thumb. I like what he's got planned for the yard(s), there we are.
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