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The week is half over!

:whee:! Everything was "normal" at the house last night - the dogs were subdued (and *tied*), the horses were starving, the kids were mutinous (1) and overbearingly sweet (1). :grin:

Today is lunch day with Sweet Geek - can't wait! I need the pick-me-up.

Cardigan progress: Made it to the armpits! I have 11" to go on the back, then I can start the front panels. :huzzah!:

Not much else to report. Plans for the 2 birthdays are shaping up nicely - Himself will be receiving a digital camera (from Sweet Geek, naturally - a Nikon Coolpix), a new bicycle (grandma!) and legos (me). Sweet Geek is getting a super sekkrit prezzie from me (still in the planning stages, alas - I was 1/2 done with the first step, but had to fall back and revamp when new information came in. No frets - it's under control. And, all will be explained later. :lol:)...not sure what the kids'll be doing, yet - we're discussing it. (Be afraid, be very afraid!)

Gotta go pay bills now!
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