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OK, so...I caved.

Well, I finally caved in and joined LJ. I think this'll be used mostly to keep me on track for all of my projects; a virtual kick-in-the-pants, so to speak.

So, in that vein:

I received a little over 6 pounds of moorit Romney grease wool this weekend. Spent all weekend scouring it - it cleaned up nicely. Needs to be picked and carded....I'm going to pick some of it tonight, I think. Have no clue what it'll turn out to be yet.

Currently on the wheel(s):

AA Scottish Castle - burgundy Falkland Island wool, destined to be warp for a blanket. It's the never-ending wool bump! - I've been working on it for a little over 2 years now. (OK, I kinda took 18 months off due to a personal crisis..but I'm trying to get back on track!)

Ashford Traveler - Green dragonhair. Destined to be socks, if I ever get the gumption to finish spinning it.

Ashford Joy - can't was some stuff from the stash I dug out for the Highland games in June. Multicolored....must get it finished and off of the wheel.

AA Charka - cashmere. Yummmmmm.....just don't feel like messing with a spindle wheel right now.

The loom is currently warped with the blanket from's pink. Screaming pink. I hate pink..but my daughter loves it. It's been on there since 2001.....think I need to just sit down and weave it off, or sacrifice it and cut it off. We'll see.

That's it for now!
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