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Here chikie chikie chikie....

Finally found the *perfect* coop for what I'm wanting - on eBay, of all places! The plans were $30, but are detailed, and look easy enough for *me* to build. It's a 12 hen set-up, which is good, since that's all I want. :grin:

Now I get to start hunting hens. I want some Ameraracunas (blue/green eggs! Fun!), some Rhode Island Reds, some Plymouth Rocks, and....either Sussex or Wyandottes. I do NOT want chicks; I want pullets, so that's going to be a bit harder....but I have a neighbor with Ameraracunas that I'm going to go chat up. :grin:

Not much else going on - I blew out my wrist (again), so no knitting is occurring. :sigh: This bites - I got my Tsarina Sock kit last night! (The Fiber Festival one...with the sheep on the cuff. No Fair!!) Ah, well - anticipation is half the fun!

Must go write checks now....
Tags: blather, country life, knitting

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