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:whew: It's Over

for another year. This weekend was the North Texas Irish Festival,

Friday: Got the kidlets off to G'ma's, then Sweet Geek and I headed out. We had dinner first (Applebee's, nice), then hit Home Depot to get the stuff for my chicken coop.

I need to say something here: Normally, Home Despot's employees SUCK, to be blunt. The one in Terrell? Wonderful. I mean, OK. I went in with my project list: 2 sheets 1/4" plywood, 2.5 sheets 1/2" plywood, bunch of 2x2s, screws, chicken wire, tar paper, hardware cloth...lots of stuff. The plywood, of course, needed to be cut - yes, we could do that ourselves, but Sweet Geek has Ford Sporttrac - not a Full-size truck, so some cuts would HAVE to be made before we could haul it home.

To make a VERY long story short, the employee made ALL of the big cuts, and wanted to make the smaller ones for us. Since we'd been there 2.5 hours, we regretfully told him no, so he calls the register up and tells her to NOT charge us for ANY of the cuts he had made. :blink:

THEN, the manager comes up and helps me find all the misc. stuff, AND he demanded that I replace one of the 2x2s - it was warped and split - and HE pulled out the "right" one.

Needless to say, we'll go back there to get the stuff for the run.

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Saturday, we got there at 8, got set up, and went on walkabout. LOTS of vendors - but the draw for NTIF has always been the music. This year, was made of win - some (JUST SOME) of the lineup: Brother, Brothers 3, Battlefield Band, Jiggernaut, October Country, Needfire, Altan, Red McWilliams - the list goes on and on. This year's HAS to be the best lineup - I mean, Battlefield Band, Brother AND Altan? Whoa!

Anyway, Saturday was steady, but not ever packed. When the Clinton rally let out, it got a bit weird, but still cool (although I heard that the drunken pirates in the center kinda upset the Secret Service guys (who stood out like everything) and the police had to step in to keep things under control :snicker:) I mean, c'mon - Celtic bands, beer, whiskey tastings, and Rennies all in the same spot as a political rally...what do you THINK is gonna happen? :lol:

We (the Scottish village) are set up right in front of Trinty Stage, and had lots of good music this year - not too loud, not too obnoxious, just nice, good rockin' Celtic music.

We left about 5-ish, both exhausted but ready for another day of it.

Sunday was shopping day for us - and music day. I got 2 new hair toys - metal hair ties in celtic knotwork (like Flexi-8s, but all metal) in bronze/gold/silver. 1 is a simple knot, 1 is....sorta organic. It reminds me of a tree, somewhat. I got 2 new mugs - my potter friend had tried to finish Himself's mug by Christmas, but the new baby (cute!) kinda scotched that, but she brought it this weekend. Too cute: pale blue kid-sized mug, with a Celtic Rabbit on it. Himself is THRILLED, to say the least, and I got me a new Celtic seahorse one.

Sweet Geek bought me some bath salts, a few CDs (Battlefield Band "Best of" and one of Needfire's newest), a Serenity t-shirt, and the most lovely knotwork necklace. :squee: He also got the kids t-shirts, which they went gaga over. :grin: I bought him a Needfire CD (he hadn't heard them before) and some haggis :gag: :snicker:

We got to hear October Country (my friend Casey is the lead singer), Battlefield Band, and Needfire - the cool thing? Sweet Geek didn't know that Brother sometimes performs with Needfire....and right as we walked up they finished a set, then asked if there were any Brother fans in the audience (duh! :grin:) because here are 5 of 'em, and look - here are 2 more! :grin: Good music all around.

Fun but exhausting weekend...I need a weekend to recuperate from it! I did manage to get 1.5 bobbins of froghair spun up, which is something. I also got a skein of doghair done, and the promise of more doghair and some cat. We'll see......

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