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Life with a Wolfhound.... - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase

About Life with a Wolfhound....

Previous Entry Life with a Wolfhound.... Oct. 13th, 2004 @ 03:09 pm Next Entry
OK, so I am bored at work, don't have anything really fiber-y to report, and remembered something about our visit to PetSmart Monday. It is *so* typical of life with the Zoey-Monster, I had to share.....

Most people, I assume, are familiar with PetSmart. I've been in 4 of them, and they are all set up pretty much the same, with the same displays, feel, etc. So, I'm sure you can visualize the scene.......*g*

We had just about finished our shopping (and our terrorizing of the innocent stockboys - really, what's so alarming about a 140 pound puppy joyfully larruping towards you, begging for pets?) and were at the checkout counter. The checker was amused by my puppy (she's considered a puppy until she hits 2, which won't be until April, 2005), and offered her a treat. Zoey took it gracefully, then put her head on the counter right next to the treat bowl, looking disgustedly at the checker as if to say "Yeah. That's IT? I mean, they're right *here*, and I'm Hungry....my human Never Feeds Me, or, for that matter Pets me, so you may commence with the pets and treats Now." with much waggling of her Irish eyebrows. The checker complied, and Zoey ended up with most of the treat bowl inside her.

So, the checker finishes ringing up my purchase (6 cases of canned food, 1 humongous bag of dry...should last until the end of the month. I hope) and we are chatting about Life with an IW. That's when It happens. Zoey sees the display where they beg for money.......you know the one.

C'mon, you know what I'm talking about! The one with the evil slightly larger-than-life Cat leaning against a slightly smaller-than-life St. Bernard. Heavy resin. Sits on a box about 2 feet tall, with a small plexiglass box 1/2 full of donations. *That* evil display.

Now, to humans, it's pretty benign. Easy to ignore. To the superior senses of a Wolfhound, however, it's evil incarnate. *We* are too poorly designed to see the threat......it's not resin. It's alien lifeforms bent on destroying life as we know it. Seriously - ask Zoey. *She* figured it out. *snork*

*Everyone* in the store saw my poor puppy, scared but defiant, facing the evils of donation displays. She had wandered to the end of the counter and was sniffing the tag making machine, when she saw *the aliens*. I have never seen a wolfhound in alert mode...she hit the end of the leash, and was totally stiff. I could have used her to press my clothes, she was so stiff. (If you've ever seen a horse in full alert mode, you know what she looked like).

She crept up on it v e r y slowly, very tentatively. Sniffed the cat, jumped back 3 feet, crept up, sniffed, jumped....this went on for - honestly - 10 minutes. Absolutely hysterical - the entire store was cracking up (all 4 of us. Plus the grooming area. It was early.....*g*) Please bear in mind that Zoey is almost full-grown....her head is even with my elbow, and she weighs approximatly 140 pounds. Her head is larger than most Chihuahua's I've seen - she's not a tiny thing by any means. *That's* what makes this so hysterical - she was almost as big as the display was.

She finally succeeded in driving off the aliens hidden inside the resin, and licked the cat to mark her victory. She then went into the manager's office and told him it was safe to come out now. Me? I was laughing so hard I had to lean on the basket.......

*That* is what prompted the groomer to come out and offer to bathe her for $25, I'm sure. *g* They told me when I went to pick her up that they were surprized at how laid back she was....but that they had a difficult time getting her in the tub. *g* No, really? Why do you think I jumped at the chance to have *someone else* bathe her????

Yes, this is life with a Wolfhound. It gets wild sometimes.....*g*
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spin a yarn
Date:October 13th, 2004 05:16 pm (UTC)
As a signifigant other to a person who works in a vets office. I can totally visualize that whole scene. funny. I hope it made your day.

(spin a yarn)
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