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Whoo Hoo!

Let's see - today is a *very* special day! Himself turns *8* today - wow. Where DID the time go? He's very excited - Grandma is bringing cupcakes AND lunch for him today to school, he's got his first Lego Brickmaster set in route (as of 6:34 AM today, it had left the Waco, maybe he'll get it today)'s good. (Plus, I know what he's getting from Grandma and Grandpa....AND the box from Granny and Papaw came in, so....he's gonna be one happy little guy. :lol:)

Plus, today is Sweet Geek's Birthday as well - what are the odds of that? :grin: I'm taking him out to lunch today, so he has that to look forward to, then we're having lunch with his family on Saturday. Fun Stuff! (His prezzie is also in route, but I don't know exactly where it is or what it's status is. No biggie - Steph worked her usual magic, and it'll be worth the wait. :grin:)

PLUS, I found out that not only has Torah Class gone on into Joshua, but there is another group out there that has done the same kind of study on Ephesians I can't wait to dig into it! (Joshua first, though...gotta keep my priorities straight! :grin:)

Not a whole lot else to report - Rosetta Stone will be releasing a Scottish Gaelic course next month (I told Sweet Geek to pre-order it. :lol:)....AA is still hard at work on my Production Wheel......the cardigan is moving along slowly (wrist is acting up again. :sigh:)....the usual. :grin:
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