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I survived the weekend!

Which is no small feat, since there were *two* - count them, *2* birthday parties. So..onto the recap:

Saturday was birthday party day! We started out with lunch for Sweet Geek with his brother and family. El Fenix. Fun, fun fun - Himself was SO good; Sweet Geek's SIL had ordered 2 birthday sopapillas...which came, covered in Strawberry sauce. Himself HATES strawberries. I figured there would be a meltdown, but NO - he was SO polite! "Thank you!" he said, blowing out the candle. He took a little, teeny bite, then played with his fork. Sweet Geek made a big deal of the 2 cakes at home, and we packed up the sopapilla (and promptly left it on the table. Ah, well...:grin:)

Rushed home to clean house for the BIG party - pizza and cakes and prezzies, oh my. Himself's friend was a no-show - but he handled the disappointment well. (The prezzies helped. :grin:)

The haul (since I *know* you're waiting with bated breath for it! :lol:):

Himself (the "important one", yes? :grin:) got:

Bicycle from Grandma
Helmet/kneepads from me (plus the Lego Brickmaster membership)
Bionicle from Herself
Lego Batman set from Grandpa
Kodak Digital Camera from Sweet Geek (who else? :grin:)

But Grannie and Papaw took the cake (literally :lol:) - he got
Toolbox with REAL tools (came in handy!)
Building kit
Lego Set
Erector Set

He was *tickled* pink over this! :grin:

Sweet Geek's haul:
Gift cards to book stores from his brother and my mother
Magazine subs from his SIL
"Professional Smartass" mug from me :grin:
"The Astronaut Farmer" DVD from the kids
A DIY kilt hose kit from me - consisting of a pound of lovely 54s roving dyed by Steph Gaustad in the PERFECT mossy color, 3 books to pick patterns from, a drop spindle, and a set of size 1 DPNs. :grin: I get to start spinning this week! :bounce:

Sunday was church, where I was presented with a Free Trifle :yum: Then home, where we began construction of the chicken coop. :whew: Himself was thrilled to have tools to use (and use them he did); Sweet Geek liked showing off how well he can follow directions. :lol:

We got the legs and base done. We would have gotten further (Like, say, ATTACHING the base to the legs :lol:), except I can't read blueprints - I didn't get enough hardware cloth. 2 hours later, we had it, but our "help" quit (Star Trek won out over painting and building), so we finished up what we were doing and quit for the day. Also, the plans I bought are more blueprints than they are plans - I'm used to DIY sets with line-by-line written directions; these are simply a purchasing list and pages of diagrams. :blink:

The lady I'm getting my hens from called - she has my Barred Rocks, Buff Orpingtons, and Rhode Island Reds, but didn't I also want some Aracunas? She just got some and will put a few back for me if I do....Of COURSE I do; Aracunas lay blue and green eggs! :grin: Anyway, the hens are set.

For now...Sweet Geek announced that we need *2* coops, and a larger run. I was planning 20'x20', it's now going to be 50'x50', with at least 2 coops (24 hens). To say I was gobsmacked would be putting it mildly. :grin: I told him fine (we have the room) but I wanted to get the first 12 in before we went crazy with the coops. :lol:

It's tax return season, so I'm off....
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