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New Project idea....

I woke up this AM with the determination to weave fabric for a new bodice. I don't need more garb, so I'm not sure where this idea came from, but I like it.

The weaving part will be easy. I need to decide on the yarn (10/2 cotton in burgundy, green, or blue marl, or 8/2 cotton in one of the many colors I ordered from Camilla Valley? Handspun wool? Some fantastic yarn I haven't bought yet?? This will be the hardest decision!) and the twill pattern (it'll either be Walls of Troy or Gothic Cross....not sure which) and the weft color (same for a subtle faux-damask look? Contrasting for emphasis? Slightly different for rich color interaction?) and I'm good to go. *g*

I'm thinking I won't need too much fabric - it is just a bodice I'm thinking of, so what? 2 or 3 yards max. Probably no wider than about 30" in the reed - I should end up with 24" fabric (at least) what with shrinkage and draw-in. The weaving will go fast - it'll be the same treadling throughout, which goes quickly.

The hardest part? Finding someone to make it up. I don't do bodices, except in leather - I don't like working with steel boning. (And I need steel boning to keep the girls corralled and smush the baby-tummy. Trust me - plastic boning doesn't cut it!).

Any suggestions? Volunteers? It won't be happening for a bit - I have to get this never-ending warp off the loom, then do the shetland scarf (yarn spun, mostly plied. Need to wind the warp, dunk it in the dyepots, and it's good to go!), *then* I should be ready for this one. I'm leaning towards cotton, right now, and lining it in Trigger or heavy weight broadcloth. 1/4" eyelets for lacing (right now, I like bodices that lace in more than one spot, so I can dress myself)'s do-able, I just need help with the sewing up part.

Must contemplate this....
Tags: garb, weaving

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