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So. Tired.

Busy, busy weekend. With the kids gone, Sweet Geek and I have been working fools, trying to get stuff DONE.

Saturday: Got up bright and early. Got the roof framing almost done on the coop, but had to leave so we could pay for our new shed. Then ran towards Home Despot to pick up a few more boards (I mis-read the blueprints, so Sweet Geek cut them wrong :sad:)...but got called by the Tuff Shed Deliver guys -they could do our shed *now* we dropped everything and ran back to the previous owner's.

Loaded up 63 of the 103 stepping stones (we sold 40 of them to the previous owner's neighbor. Good thing, too, since the truck was starting to list a bit. :grin:), and watched the "pros" load up our shed. Got it home...and I went and hid in the front yard while the "pros" did the unloading (they got their trailer STUCK in my back area. It required the Kubota to get them out...and they almost took my back fence and pool with them. :shudder:)

Moved most of the grain to the shed (It's a NICE one, too - brand-y new (really!), with shelves and all.), then collapsed on the couch.

Today we hit IHoP for breakfast - Green Eggs and Ham, and Who-cakes. :snicker: It takes a special man to order those (and EAT them) with a straight face. Then off to Home Despot (finally!) and home again.

Where we got the roof framing done, and 1 nest-box unit COMPLETELY done. I was running out of ooomph, so we quit and Sweet Geek mowed the back yard.

He's out taking photos now, and I'm about to collapse on the couch again.

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