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It's Photo time!

Since I have nothing to do right now, and my wrist doesn't want to knit, *you* get spammed with photos. :grin:

First up, our new shed. 8'x8'x7.5' Tuff Shed. Home Depot wants $899 for the unassembled, unpainted kit; $1599 for the complete thing installed. We paid $500 for the shed, and $350 for delivery and set up.

This photo was taken *before* they finished levelling it. :oops: It IS level, now, and my grain is happily ensconced. It has 2 shelves along the left-hand wall, and a bunch of hooks on the back wall and right-hand wall.

Next up, the chicken coop in progress.

This is the bottom of the coop. It's got hardware cloth on it, so the droppings will fall thru, but the chickens won't. :grin:

The bottom, again, and the roof framing. The roof will be shingled with some of the leftover shingles from my house (isn't that twee? The henhouse will match the main house. :lol:)

One set of nesting boxes, facing from the inside of the coop. This is where the hens will actually (hopefully!) lay the eggs. The roof on this part lifts up, to make gathering the eggs a bit easier (you don't have to disturb the hens this way). There's one on each side, in case the hens prefer one side over another.

We have the legs done, also, and the platform the nesting boxes will set on - I just didn't get a photo of it. We just need to assemble the other nesting box set, then put the whole shebang together.

We moved the horse fence last night, and we'll be putting in the chicken run after the coop is finished. We need to run the water lines further down (and do a bit more plumbing work, as well), and...maybe run electricity to the coops (maybe. Maybe not - we don't get that cold here.)

More pics in a bit, I think....we'll see. :grin:
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