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And...a few more pics

A couple more pictures - this time of fiber-y stuff.

Remember the sock yarn I started for Sweet Geek, but had to change (the color was wrong, wrong, wrong)? Here's the skein I've finished:

It's a 3-ply yarn, about sock weight. I started it with good intentions, but the color...*I* love it, but Sweet Geek prefers more mossy tones. The more I spun, the more sure I was that it wasn't the right color for him. (Me, on the other hand :grin:) (And, I have 2 pounds of the roving, so it wasn't greed that made me change plans mid-stream)

SO..what to do? Simple - I contacted Steph Gaustad. :grin: It took her a bit of experimentation, but by gum, she did it! See:

The color is PERFECT, and he LOVES it. I've already started spinning it up - let me just say that Steph is WONDERFUL at everything she does. This is spinning up as froghair with NO effort on my part at all - perfectly even, perfectly fine....lovely. Just LOVELY.

It'll end up a 3-ply as well, and it's slated for kilt hose. Steph chose some nice 54s wool for me, and it's prepared really, really well. I've only run across 1 nep, so far, and it's probably because she boxed up the wool before it was fully dry. :lol:

That should be it for a while...I need to check out my other photos and see what I have and what I need to take photos of. (I love my new camera. LOVE it. :grin:)
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