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it's been a long week. Glad it's over!

Tomorrow, I take the kidlets to get their flu shots. The ped. swears they have them...we'll see. Then I get to deal with 2 pissed off and hurt kidlets....must pick up ice cream and popsicles. That will help!

A lot of folks I know thru LJ and blogs are hurting right now....if you could spare the time to wave the DPN's, I'd appreciate it. The crappening is happening again.....

On a lighter note, I finally got my Camilla Valley order - the yarns are yummy! (NO, I didn't take's just 8 1/2 pound cones of 8/2 cotton. Very boring picture. Weaving yarns, the plain cotton ones anyway, are *boring* until they're woven up. I didn't want to waste the bandwidth...*g*) The orange and rust will make loverly dishtowels that will actually match my orange and gold kitchen (it looks a lot better than it sounds - the colors are sand-colored; Summer Solstice and Yuma. Very pretty, and set off the moss-green countertops really really well). I think the beige and ivory will look good together, and the blue and emerald (which is closer to grass green, but whatever).......must finish the never-ending warp!

I did toss the shuttle a bit last night. Himself decided to wind the bobbin on his blue boat shuttle...too bad he used my yarn instead of his. *g* At least I don't have to wind a new bobbin! He wants to move on to a new project, so he's banging away on the scarf. I'm so proud!

Herself is herself. No weaving - I knew it wouldn't last - but she's interested in pottery. Santa is looking for a pottery wheel....

Oh, and I need 1 more completed offer, guys! Please help me get a free iPod!!! I'll love you forever, and maybe even send you a handwoven dishtowel!!
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