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:whew: Busy Weekend!


Previous Entry :whew: Busy Weekend! Mar. 24th, 2008 @ 08:46 am Next Entry
VERY busy, so I'll just . :grin:

Friday: Got up early, and mowed the backyard. Sweet Geek had started it last week, but didn't get it finished, so I lowered the deck and did the whole thing. :whew: Then I laid out all the coop parts - when he got there around noon, we were ready to rock'n'roll. Spent the rest of the day working on the coop.

Saturday: Got up sorta early, and started back on the coop. By 1, we had to break so I could eat - but we got a TON done. The coop is assembled; the roof is on the main part (decked AND shingled, thankyouverymuch!), one side of the nesting boxes is plywood-ed, and tar-papered (but not shingled - that's my project this week). All that's left is the plywood on the other nesting box, the back, and the front. I have pictures, but I need to upload them - maybe tonight, maybe not. :lol:

I have a beef about the plans we bought. We measured and RE-measured everything as we did it....and somehow we STILL got off. By 6". :blink: We had the back panels cut out..but they are too narrow, so we'll have to re-do them. Ditto on the front panels - and we *remeasured* them to be sure we had the right dimensions. I have NO CLUE how we got off so much...but it's no big deal, we'll just measure and cut to *our* measurements. :sigh: This is why the coop isn't DONE..but it will be next week for sure - as will the run, hopefully. I want to get my hens in! :bounce:

Sunday: Spent the day at Sweet Geek's brother's. Nice cookout, nice get-together...it was pleasant to rest instead of work for once. We brought lamb ke-bobs, challah bread, and brownies :yum: (Need to post the brownie receipe so I have it handy...hmmmmm......

No, we didn't "celebrate" the pagan fertility festival. We'll celebrate Passover as we were commanded to do - and that's all I'll say on THAT.

Sweet Geek got some good photos of my spindle collection, and my bobbin collection. I hope some of them meet his standards - I'd like one of each to go in my studio.
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