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Chicken Coop Progress

or lack thereof. :snicker:

And....more pictures showing the progress we made over the holiday weekend. :smile:

Here's most of the parts, ready to assemble:

Coop ready to assemble
Originally uploaded by fiberaddict75126

Here's my dear Sweet Geek attaching the base unit to the 4 legs. Yeah, we messed up on the supports...:blush:

Building the base unit
Originally uploaded by fiberaddict75126

Here's my 2 men attaching the nesting box/roosting platform to the legs. This sucker's getting big - I didn't realize how large it was gonna be!

Here we've added the nesting boxes - and yeah, we made another mistake. :grin: You can't see it, but the left-hand side has 6 boxes while the right-hand side has....4. :lol: The plans have you cut the 7 dividers out of 1 piece of plywood, then cut 5 out of the other, with the 2 remaining dividers cut out of a totally separate piece. We, ummm...didn't see the separate piece. :snicker: Oh, well - we'll see which side the hens prefer!

Here we go - it's ALMOST finished! :huzzah!:

We still need to put the front and back on (more on *that* in a moment :grin:), add the other nesting box lid, then shingle both sets of nesting boxes and finish the peak of the roof.

As I've said before, these plans aren't the easiest to understand (and THAT'S an understatement!). Even though we measured, re-measured and Re-re-measured, the back panels are off - by *6* inches (3 each) We can't figure it out - so we have to re-do those. Ditto on the front panels - each piece was cut exactly the way it said, but we have 2 3-inch gaps between them and the center panel. :scratches head: No biggie - we can cut new pieces, but it's strange. (And, it's not just me that mis-measured - I'd tell Sweet Geek, he'd go look at the plans to verify, then he'd mark the wood, look at the plans again, re-measure, and *then*, I'm not sure how we went wrong.)

We're aiming to finish this Saturday morning, then start on fencing in the run. Fingers crossed that we get it done this weekend...if not, it'll be mid-April (we're out of town the first weekend of, fun, fun. :grin:)

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