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Reason #4 why I need a man...

I *Hate* yardwork. Spent yesterday on the run....had to take the kids to the doc (yes, he had the shots. Himself was a gentleman - didn't even flinch when the nurse stuck him. Herself...well, you'd'a thought we were killing her. Never would have guessed she is 7.5 and he is only 4. *sigh*), got home and cleaned the living room (it needed it badly) and the kitchen, put lunch on, baked 5 dozen chocolate chip cookies, *then* went outside and mowed the front yard (I Love my Kubota tractor!), stirred lunch, grabbed the push mower and mowed my acre-and-a-half backyard. (Can you say "run-on sentance"? I knew you could!) Oh, and I also repaired the panel of the greenhouse that Bailey knocked out trying to play "catch the pyr" with the Zoey monster. No wonder I'm exhausted!

After all of *that*, I had to wind a warp and dress Himself's loom - he finished his scarf! It is now drip-drying in the laundry room - I'll try to get a picture uploaded in the near future. His new project is washclothes - I warped up 3 yards of a nice varigated cotton and turned him loose with white weft. He's using his new boat shuttle, and loving it. *g* They're going to be a bit narrow - I figured 7 inches was a good width (6" after draw-in and shrinkage), but it looks *too* narrow. No matter - I like smaller washrags. Everyone else can either like them, or use them as coasters. *g* He's doing a bang-up job - loves his new shuttle. He's even figured out how to wind the bobbins All by Himself! Yes, I'm a proud mama!

Herself is OK......she's woven maybe 6" now. I'm trying to keep myself from helping her - this is *her* project, after all, but she's getting fed up that He is moving along so much faster. Pointing out to her that He is actually sitting down and *weaving* isn't helping....I don't know what else to do. I think it's partly that her project is, well, boring - all mostly the same color, and smooth, even yarn......B-O-R-I-N-G. Himself keeps using wild, brightly colored or textured yarns, which makes the weaving much more fun. Hmmmmmmmmm, must see if I can sneak in a few shots while they sleep. I'll never tell if you don't!

Tomorrow night is ballet - I have a nice CD spindle to give to my protege. BJ made her a wonderful pink and black one, and me 2...1 a dragon and 1 a celtic cross. Hope she's there! I dug out a bump of sorta non-descript Dragonhair for her...I like it, but it doesn't scream "SPIN ME" to me, so I don't mind passing it on. I was going to card up some moorit Romney for her...but I just can't. It's *so* yummy, and it's trying to seduce me into dropping everything and spinning it as it comes off the drumcarder. *g*

Bathtime for the kidlets......oh, and reasons 1 - 3? *g* 1 = a man would take out the garbage 2 = he would kill the spiders and remove the remains when the Zoey-monster kills mice and 3 = he could help with the cleaning or the cooking and the child-watching. I miss the cuddling and the conversation, but really need someone to take some of the strain off of me.
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