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Finally finished!

The coop is finished! Here's some photos for your enjoyment:

Here's the finished coop - the unpainted plywood is the door/ramp:

Coop Front - Door shut
Originally uploaded by fiberaddict75126

Here's the coop with the ramp down:

Finished Coop
Originally uploaded by fiberaddict75126

The back of the coop - yeah, it was *very* muddy out there. The sawhorses and wagon have since been relocated :grin:

Finished Coop - Back
Originally uploaded by fiberaddict75126

And the back again, showing one of the doors open. The original plans called for 1 door; we put in 2 to make it easier to clean.

You'll notice all the 4x4s in the background - those are the posts for the run. So far, it's been too muddy to sink them; that is slated to happen tomorrow night (weather permitting). All that'll be left is to buy and string the wire, create a gate (easy-peasy), and cover the top with netting - then the hens can come home!

Got a lunch date today - can't wait!
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