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It's Thursday...


Previous Entry It's Thursday... Apr. 3rd, 2008 @ 08:25 am Next Entry
and looks like rain again. :blech: I *need* to get the postholes dug *tonight* so we can sink the posts tomorrow. :sigh: Here's hoping the rain holds out long enough!

Am very sore this AM - did the Arms and Abs workout last night and WHOA, is it a bit more intense than the Basic Moves. :whew: My abs are feeling it this morning....

We're picking up cinder blocks tonight...for the compost bins. I'm also going to look at an arbor today - I'm thinking it'll look good in the front. We'll see....

Not much else going on - no knitting, as my wrist is *bad*. (The workout last night didn't help - I ended up fudging some of the exercises because the left wrist simply could NOT do them. :bigger sigh:) It hurts to *breathe* again. :sigh:
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