Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Ch. 6 - In which our Heroine proves her idiocy...

What? It's true...I have managed to get the tractor stuck. Not in the mud, no, that would be *too* easy. No, what I have done is the height of stupidity - even for *this* blonde.

What did I do, you may ask. Well.......let's start at the beginning, OK?

We are getting chickens (no surprise there. Bear with me). The coop, a marvel of construction, is finished. The run, which will protect the wee little chickies, is Not. The 4 corner posts are in, but the mid-line ones (3 more front and back, 2 more on the sides) are not. (Do you see where this is going now?)

We have had rain lately. Lots of it. My ground is very good - sandy loam. Very fertile. Where the grass is growing (please remember, this was a horse pasture until I decided to put chickens there, so.....a lot of vegetation is gone), the ground is soft. Softer than I realized....

I moved the tractor into position, to start sinking the posts (we HAVE to get this done by Saturday - the chickies are due to be picked up on Sunday). I carefully line up the auger, engage the PTO, and gently lower it into position. It's doing a fine job of drilling, so I look around to check on Himself, who is "helping".

Now, I am very very respectful of the auger. It turns at a high rate of speed, and is very dangerous. Himself is oblivious to danger; in fact, it seems he thrives on scaring me half to death on a regular basis (this seems to be the SOP of young boys, from what I can tell) so I am used to checking on him regularly when we are working. He was fine; in fact, he was over by the shed looking for...bugs? Wood? Mud? Something....

When, suddenly, the Kubota's engine shut off. Totally. Impossible to restart...because Dumbass here forgot that the ground was soft and easily dug into.

Yes, folks, I have managed to BURY my PTO-driven auger..up to the point of contact with the PTO line. :bangs head:

I have tried to dig it out; I have tried to reverse it, I have tried to just use the hydralics to lift it out, all to no avail. It's stuck. Halfway to China, I think......the only thing I haven't tried is "rocking" the tractor back-and-forth to wallow out the hole - I am petrified that I will break the auger off or something. :sigh: And have I mentioned the rain? That is expected to hit today?

I am totally sick over poor tractor, my poor, *garage-kept* tractor, is stuck. In the weather. I know it's a tractor, and that a little (hah! A LOT) of rain won't hurt it. Neither will hail (Hell, a tornado wouldn't hurt it right now; might even get it unstuck for me!), but STILL....I am such an idiot!

Sweet Geek will try to unstick it Friday..until then, I get to look at it every time I glance outside to check on the dogs/horses/kids. (Yup. It's in direct line-of-sight of the house. Go me!)

Oh, well.....because I was so pissed at myself, I went inside and started throwing things. Away, I mean. Hey - at least my house will be cleaner by Friday. :weak grin:

In other news, Herself got a 3rd place in the County Fair for her pipe-cleaner sculpture. I'm a bit pissed over *that*, as well - I never gave permission for her to enter anything, since I knew we'd be out of town last weekend. :grrrr: I mean, yes, it's OK that she entered something - if we'd been in town all *4* of us would have entered something (Himself some weaving, Herself art, me yarn and hand-woven or -knit something, and Sweet Geek (who is on the PO Box and uses this address) some photos), but.....we weren't going to be here to get the stuff on Saturday. :sigh: I even told the teacher NO when she asked me to sign the release forms. :bangs head:

Although, that being said, I fully doubt we'll be entering the Fair next year, either. If things go the way I am expecting, the Fair will be the last thing on *many* people's minds. (I'm just sayin' - I fully expect something to happen in Jerusalem on Passover/Matzah/FirstFruits this year. I'm watching...)

Anyway, that's it for this intrepid idiot. Tune in next time for more fun-filled idiocy from your local Fiberaddict!
Tags: blather, country life, county fair, kids, religion

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