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It's Wednesday...


Previous Entry It's Wednesday... Apr. 9th, 2008 @ 08:21 am Next Entry
the week is half over! :huzzah:

Got a full inch knit on the cardigan yesterday before my wrist blew out. This AM it's swollen, hot..and my fingers have gone up at least 1 full ring size. :yikes:

Tractor still stuck. 'nuff said.

Because of the above, my house is getting clean (when I get pissed, I tend to throw things. Out, usually. :grin:). Hey - some women rid the house of leaven for Passover, I am ridding my house of crap. Works. :lol: (Leaven too, of course - I'm not stupid! :smile:)

Prices continue to rise - I got my oil changed last night. $45. Remember when a simple oil change was $19.95? Yeah.....$45. :shudder: Canned goods are worse....I warned ya'll last year this was gonna happen, and I'm telling you now - it's GOING to get worse. If you didn't heed me then, better get cracking before there isn't anything you can afford. Just sayin'. Put in a garden.......you'll be glad you did.
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