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Well, that was an expensive lunch...

'cause we went to Lowe's and I got the wire for the chicken run. :blink: $260. :whoa:

I got welded wire (48" x 100' x 2) for the bottom of the run, then plastic (I know!) poultry wire (48" x 50' x4) for the upper part, and Deer netting for the roof (to keep out hawks). We also decided to get a chain-link gate so we wouldn't have to mess with building one.

All that's left is another 4x4 to hang the gate on, and some 2x4s for the top and bottom of the gate opening..oh, and some (metal) chicken wire for the ground around the run (so critters can't dig under). Right now, I'm not too worried about diggers.....we'll grab the wire when we get the chickens (Sunday!! :blink: *IF* I get the tractor unstuck)

I'm thinking of getting 2 more hens (for a total of 14)...we'll see. The coop has the room, as does the run......more eggs.........:hmmmm:

Next up, getting a quote for a well. We've an appointment for Saturday morning :grin:
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