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Previous Entry Well, I don't think Apr. 13th, 2008 @ 08:07 am Next Entry
the chickens will come home today. :sad: I just don't see how the run will be finished - yesterday sucked in oh, so many ways.

Friday, Sweet Geek unstuck the tractor, but ran into some problems - the ground had gotten hard again, and....the auger is having one hell of a time digging in. I have sandy loam - when it dries out, it's like cement. :sigh: So, I came home to only 5 new posts...with 5 more to go. :sigh:

Yesterday, Finn decided it was high time he learned how to procreate. Not a big problem, except a)Magic was having NONE of it, and b)he tried to kill Heart. He ran her thru the fence and onto a t-post...fortunately, it was one of the *cheap ass* *thin metal* posts that we hadn't gotten around to replacing yet (Thank God for that!) - it broke instead of puncturing her. She's banged up, and cut up, but no major injuries - she's just sore and scared half out of her mind. :bigger sigh:

It took us (Sweet Geek, me, and the guy who came to quote us on the well) 20 minutes to get Mr. Studly into the back yard. I WILL be calling the vet this week - I can't keep a horse, no matter how nice, who won't listen to people. (Dusty, his sire, is a GOOD stud - I say NO, he snorts then starts looking for grass. That's why he's still a stud - he was like that as a youngling, too.) (And,since the market is depressed and no one wants a well-bred, mostly gentle 3 year old stud, gelding's the answer. :sigh:)

THEN, we had to go do lunch with Sweet Geek's brother. So....no work yesterday morning on the run.

We got home at *3*, and went straight to work. Got......5 holes started, but none deep enough to set posts. (See "cement" above). I decided to start running the wire on the back, where the posts were all set...and discovered that Lowe's had mismarked their wire - we had 2 rolls of *36" x 50'* wire, instead of the 48"x100' wire we thought we grabbed (I thought the rolls were a bit wimpy, but I had to get back to work. :bangs head:) So.....Sweet Geek ran off to Home Despot while I ran the *top* portion of wire.

For the record - the plastic chicken wire SUCKS. It'll work for what I'm doing - it's not holding anything back, after all - but it tears if you pull it too tight, it sags if you don't pull it tight enough - and the difference between "too tight" and "not enough" is.....negligible. Ah, well - I have 100' of it run and attached.

Sweet Geek got back with 2 rolls of 60"x100' welded wire...and we started running it. Only, we can't get *it* pulled tight enough....at 7 PM, we quit, with only 12' run. :sigh:

My project for today is to attempt to get the rest of that roll run...but the chickens can't come home, I think. Barring a miracle, of course.....

Well, gotta get to work - gotta get some of this done!
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