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Well, Miracles DO occur...

yes, we got the run done. And we got the pullets. All.....20....of them. :grin:

Yeah, yeah, I know I said I only wanted 12. Then I thought, well..14 is a nice, round number, and would ensure that we had enough eggs each day. Then I got to the Chicken Ranch...and she cut the price for me ('cause I had waited so long for the girls) and and and...well, 20 came home with us.

We have 4 Ameracunas (the "Easter Egg" chickens - they lay blue/green eggs), 8 Rhode Island Reds, 7 Buff Orpingtons and 1 Black Australorp. No pictures yet - they're all crowded up at the feeder in the coop.

When the breeder heard the size of my run, she sorta freaked out. I guess I'm weird - 49' x 45' just doesn't seem that large...but, according to her, it's HUGE. :huh: It's not large enough for a horse....:snicker:

We still need to do a few things - we want to run some 2x4s across both the bottom AND the top, and I need to run the flight cloth to keep hawks out.

Anyway, gotta skitter - I'm tired!
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