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:bleurgh: It's Monday...


Previous Entry :bleurgh: It's Monday... Apr. 14th, 2008 @ 08:30 am Next Entry
and I'm stiff and sore. At least the chicken run got finished! :grin:

Speaking of the chickies..we checked on them this morning. It was a nice, breezy 36* out, and I was a bit concerned - but they were all fine and dandy. The Australorp was sitting on the roost, looking out the front window, 2 of the Buff Orps were sitting IN the feeder (dumb birds! :grin:), the rest were squished up in the corner. I'll get the kids to let them out when they get home from school (so they can watch them); tomorrow the same. We'll probably let them out for good next weekend - I want to make sure the fence is secure before letting them out "for good".

Not much else to report - I'll try to get pics of the chooks tonight, when they're exploring their new digs.
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spin a yarn
Date:April 14th, 2008 05:10 pm (UTC)

congrats on the chickies!

Yeah! I'm glad you got your feathered friends! I would love to get some too but we're not home enough during the summer. It's bad enough we have to get cat sitters. By the way, I'm next after you in the Weave Ring.

(spin a yarn)
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