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Chickens: 1 Fiberaddict: 0

So...who knew that 4 - 8 week old chickens could squish through a 1.5"x4" opening? :grin:

Good news is that the kids got to (gently!) herd them back into the run. Bad news is that the first egg we get will be the world's only $1K egg ( I josh. Coop = $200, Run = $400 (so far)....still, not too far off!) :lol:

Needless to say, there were no pictures last night. I'll be picking up more chicken wire today, and will be reinforcing the bottom of the run tonight. Saturday, I'll be putting up the deer netting across the top, to keep the hawks out.

I did get to socialize 6 more ladies last night.....only 13 more to go. :giggle:

Must dash.......gotta pretend to do some work!
Tags: country life

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