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Today we had the checkup for Herself's Ritalin. The doc and I agreed… - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase — LiveJournal

About Today we had the checkup for Herself's Ritalin. The doc and I agreed…

Previous Entry Jul. 19th, 2004 @ 05:50 pm Next Entry
Today we had the checkup for Herself's Ritalin. The doc and I agreed that her current dosage wasn't quite enough...so he upped it a little. We'll try it starting tomorrow and see how it goes.

There has been such a difference since we started her on Ritalin 3 weeks ago. She's been able to concentrate a little better, and she hasn't had any episodes at the daycare. The problem with the dosage was that it was wearing off a little too soon - it was supposed to last at least 4 hours, and it was only lasting about 2.5. So, we hope the new dosage will help. Hopefully, we'll get it right before school starts next month.

Himself was a little jealous that sissy got to go to the doctor with Mama and he had to stay at school (yeah, he's silly that way. He actually *asks* to go see his doctors. ) A small teddy bear and a blue balloon made up for it, though.

Am working on a sweater for Himself. Was going great guns on it, until he threw me a curve - he wants a tractor on it. Not just *any* tractor, mind you - it must be a *RED* tractor (not a red vaccuum, a red TRACTOR ). Since I am using hand-dyed Lion Brand's Fisherman's Aran yarn (I had dyed 5 skeins a nice teal for me, then decided I'd rather have a varigated aran instead of a solid), I had to go scavenge up some more skeins so I could dye them the correct colors. He "helped" with the dye process...and claims he likes the result. We'll see. 2 skeins (the red and black) were dyed on the stove, the other 2 (green and yellow - for the corn field on the back of the sweater) are in large jars out in the greenhouse. I'll flip them again in a bit, and leave them in until tomorrow afternoon to make sure it heats up enough. The dye is already striking, but I'd rather be safe then sorry.

I'd forgotten how much I enjoy knitting...when my wrists don't hurt. The right one isn't too bad, but the left one keeps spasming. Friday is D-day - I'm scheduled for a cyrogenic nerve block in the AM. I hope it works - even if just a bit. The shots I've been getting have helped a little - the small amount of relief is amazing.

Ah, well...must go pet the dogs before they mutiny!
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