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So. Tired.

Mowed the front lawn this weekend - yes, it took 2 days. I did it with the push mower, because we're not done with the auger yet, and it's such a PITA to attach and was just not worth hooking up the brush hog. Next time, I'll hook up the brush hog! (The front yard is about 1 acre. Ugh)

Watched some chicken TV yesterday - one of the RIRs caught a beetle....which started a game of keep away in the run. It was *too* funny - and when the bug escaped, she tried to hop after it and ran into the fence. :snicker:

They are *so* funny! One of them will run over to the outside waterer...which causes a mass stampede. Then one will scurry over to the coop...and the rest of the flock follows as fast as they can go. :lol: (Yeah, I'm easily amused!)

Not a whole lot else to report - I need to get back to spinning and knitting and weaving, but just don't have the time right now. Once the top gets put on the run I should have more time - right now I have to keep an eye on the pullets so the hawks don't get them. :sigh:
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