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Houston, we have a problem...

I am on the very last dishtowel...and my tension has all of a sudden gone wonky. My solution is very creative...I have 2 stick shuttles jammed into the loose area at the warp beam and another one jammed in at the breast beam. I'm not that concerned - it is the last dishtowel, but still - I don't know why it went wonky!!

Ah, well, at least I can plan a new warp! *g* Much shorter this time - I've never had a tension problem before, so I am assuming it has to do with the length. Live and learn, eh?

I'm going to try to weave it off tonight, then tomorrow I can start on the kids costumes. 4 seams and 4 casings are all it will take to make the bodies, then 2 seams and 2 casings for the hoods. (That is, 2 seams/casings per body and 1/1 per hood.) Should go fast - I hope.

I still need a free cd player skips too much when I'm on the tractor. I need tunes for mowing! *g* And audio books - that'd be great for spinning and weaving time.

Anyone know anything about pottery wheels? Herself wants a pottery wheel really bad....and I know nothing about pottery. Are the "toy" ones offered at Hobby Lobby etc. worth it? I know *nothing* about this art form.

Thanks for any advice!
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