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spin a yarn
Date:April 23rd, 2008 07:35 pm (UTC)

Another thing to note on your bill

There is another thing that needs to be taken into account here that you have not mentioned. Typically, a monthly power bill has a base amount for which they charge you the lowest rate per KWH, then another range above that for which they charge you a higher rate, then another range for an even higher rate, and so on. By making up 6 MONTHS worth of undercharges in one bill, an awful lot of that bill will be being charged to you at the highest rate possible. Since this was their error, this should not be allowed, but I bet if you look at your bill, that is how they charged you. You should figure the average per month that they failed to charge you, and look at each month's bill and figure out which rate they would have been charging for that additional amount had they billed it in the proper month and compare it to what you are being charged on this bill. Otherwise, you could be paying a premium penalty for their mistake.
(spin a yarn)
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