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More chickie photos!

Because they're just that silly looking, and they change rapidly over the course of a week....and, did I mention that they're silly?

Group of Buff Orpingtons:

group of buff orps
Originally uploaded by fiberaddict75126

I have 7 Buff Orp pullets, and managed to capture 5 of them together last night. The one in my icon was behind me; the other one was at the waterer chillin'.

Rhode Island Red:

rir hunting
Originally uploaded by fiberaddict75126

I have 8 of these pretties. This one decided it was fun to wander off and try to find bugs. (She's the one, I think, that caught the bug last weekend and started the game of keep-away. :grin:)


americuna 2 closeup
Originally uploaded by fiberaddict75126

I have 4 of these, and NONE of them look like the others. I had no idea a breed could be so diverse!

We all agree that this one looks like a hawk. Spooky.....

Another Americana:

americuna closeup
Originally uploaded by fiberaddict75126

This is Herself's favorite - she says it looks like it's wearing a mask. O...K....:lol:

The 3rd one is blue - seriously. I have some photos, but..they're all of her butt or chest, no full shots (you can see those in my flickr stream...I just didn't think they were post-worthy). I'll work on that, because she is *pretty*.

The 4th one...I have no clue. I *THINK* it's red, and therefore gets mixed in with the RIRs, but I don't know. I have 20 pullets....but I can't pull her out of the crowd. :lol:

The Australorp is black, but I couldn't get a decent shot of her, either. She kept hopping into the coop to get away from me. I'm keep trying though - she glows green in the sunlight.

All 20 hens will lay colored eggs - the Americanas lay blue/green ones, the rest lay various shades of brown. Should make for an interesting basket! :grin:

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