Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
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and I have a doctor's appt. Fun - it's just the annual, check-out-the-plumbing appt - but :ugh:

Report cards came out....:sigh: Himself is on the Honor Roll again; Herself...well, she's lazy. She might not be promoted to 6th grade - and no, I'm not exagerating. She refuses to turn in homework, thinking that her test scores (*always* high Bs or As) will get her by. A 54 in English/Science is UNacceptable (as is the 62 in Math :sigh:) - the rest of her grades are low Cs...she is capable of B work (or better)....we'll see. This might be what it takes to straighten her up. (doubt it - she claims she WILL pass and move up....I'm thinking she may be wrong.)

Yes, I work with her....but y'know, it's not my job to make sure she does all her homework. It's definately NOT my job to be sure she turns in her work. This is something she HAS to learn on her own - other people don't owe her anything, and she HAS to do her part. :sigh: Tough lesson, but better she learn it now instead of later when her job may depend on it.

I've got chickens on the brain (no, really? :grin:) I think my favorite yellow one isn't an Orpington, but an Ameracuna. Why? Simple - for once, we had all the yellow ones in the coop at the same time last night, and they were all at the I counted them. *8*. :huh: I only bought *7* Buff Orpingtons - what gives?

Well....I've been "missing" the 4th Ameracuna - I always count 20 chickens, but could only ID 3 as being Ameracuna. I figured #4 was red, and getting mixed up with the RIRs...but now, I *know* it has to be yellow, but.....1 of the 8 had dark feet, the rest have light feet. We'll see....

Gotta skitter - lots to do today!
Tags: blather, country life, kids

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