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Busy, busy, busy

It's been a very busy weekend. VERY busy....yet not much has been accomplished. :sigh:

Friday: Annual "plumbing" visit. All seems well, per my doc. Whatever...I like the doc, the exam, not so much.

Saturday: Did a whole lotta nothing. I really shouldn't say that - we took a load of stuff to the women's shelter, got the stuff to finish the run, and worked on it a bit. Got the 2x4 hangers installed on most of the posts, and half of the 2x4s installed. I also modified the chicken feeder, in the hopes that they'll quit tossing their feed around.

Also got the front yard mowed, and part of the stud fence moved. We called it quits around 4, though, since Sweet Geek started feeling icky.

Today, he's a bit worse, so we've been watching movies. "Troy", and the behind-the-scenes of "Catch me if you can" The kids are at Grandma's church, and we'll be heading out to get them soon. My new dining set is going to arrive Thursday, so we have to haul the old one to stuff!

The chickens are out....well, some of them are. There were 14 in the coop, and 6 out when I checked on them a bit ago...but none of th e 6 wanted to go in, and some of the 14 wanted to go out again. :sigh:

It's cold and rainy out right now......:blah: Need to go rustle up some food...and maybe nap again. I didn't sleep well last night.
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