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OMG!!!! My dining set....

is GORGEOUS!!! But don't take *my* word for it - here, have some pictures:

Here's the table, with both leaves in. With the leaves, it's 48" x 72"....a very nice size for our family:

Without the leaves, it's only 48" x 48" - perfect for everyday use:

Here's a closeup of the leg detail - I really like how they look:

And, here's the funky corners - I like them, but still haven't figured out how to do a tablecloth for it:

And, the chair - I have 4 matched ones:

These lovely items were made by an Amish craftsman. I ordered them thru the Amish Outlet Store online, and couldn't be happier. Beautiful work, gorgeous, gorgeous's...words fail me. The pieces are very solid, and look and feel like they'll last forever. I am very impressed!

I had to share the joy - I am beyond pleased with them. I highly recommend them if you're in the market for wooden, handcrafted furniture.
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