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Busy busy busy....

and we're still not done! :grin:

Friday evening we did a little work on the chicken run. We watched the Pilot and first episode of "Farscape" - that's one crazy show. :lol:

Saturday.....we finished the run. At 8:45 PM, but we FINISHED it. The chickens seem happy (how can you tell? I dunno...) We also tidied up the shed. Oh..and had to get a plumber out. Seems my water softener decided to bust a was only a $90 service charge, so no big deal....except that my garage was flooded. At least my Jeepster got the front end washed. :lol:

Today.....ran around this morning taking photos for Sweet Geek's last class. Then we headed into Cedar Hill to go to Petal Pushers for some landscaping. I swear, that man is gonna have my yard looking So Nice, I just don't know what to do. :grin: Salvias and Elephant Ears and Day Lilies and St. John's wort and roses and Daisys and and and...:lol:

Now I'm tired and cranky and the kids are acting like little heathens. Fun stuff - better go rustle up some food!
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