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Still hot...

the A/C at work is out *again*. This time, it seems, it's the compressor. No idea on how long it will take to fix it. At least we got to go home at 9 AM.

Stopped at Half Price on the way home...scored the Da Vinci Code (which I just finished), a couple of knitting books, and some light fantasy. I was gonna take a nap, but the book wouldn't let me. I hate that when that happens!

I did get Himself's yarn out of the greenhouse - the yellow had almost completly exhausted, and the green...well. The green isn't crocking, but the water still had a lot of dye in it.

Zoey the wonderpup had gotten into the Michael's bag...she'd killed 3 skeins of yarn (the Lion Brand Fisherman's Yarn I got yesterday for the kids sweaters) and eaten at least 1 sea sponge. It was a small one, so I'm not worried...... Serves her right - she knows not to get into stuff.

I'm off to go get the kidlets.
Tags: blather, pets

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