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Previous Entry Tuesday.... May. 6th, 2008 @ 07:34 am Next Entry
and rainy, again. :grin: Wow - just looked outside, and it's pitch black. This doesn't bode well......

The seeds I started last week have gone bonkers - the pole beans are about 12" tall, now, with the corn and peas right behind them. I am...amazed at this, as it usually takes longer. :boggle:

Got my ST Small Things item in last night - a *bright* orange and purple merino/angora headband. Pretty....not me, but pretty. Herself immediatly commented "Wow - it's just like the hat you made me! It's pretty!!" :lol: I like it, and can wear it this winter, when she wears her hat. :snicker:

Her grades are still in the basement....so, I opted OUT of the end-of-year field trip to the water park. Harsh, yes...but I can't reward bad grades. :sigh: She's OK with it...but I don't see her trying to bring the grades up. :bangs head:

The chickens seem to enjoy the run - even when it's icky out, they bust out of the coop and run around, searching for bugs. And mowing the grass. They are too funny to watch...can't wait for the eggs to start appearing.

On that note, one last piece of advice: If you don't have a well-stocked pantry, please, PLEASE, use some of your "rebate" money to stock up. Things *are* going to get worse....and no one will help you out - other people will be caring for their immediate family. I *can't* support any more people, and I have a decently stocked pantry. All I can do is tell ya'll to stock up on your own.

Off to do some quick surfin' before the boss gets here....
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