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It's Wednesday...finally!'s raining. :grin: What else would it be doing?

Last night the kids and I drew up a Chore chart. (Yeah, I'm behind the times...whatever). I'm tired of telling them to do something over and over and over again, only to be told "BUT you didn't TELL us to do it!" :bangs head: This should take care of that little's in the Beta stage right now, and I'm sure there will be changes made, but it's a start.

It did work last night - the living room got picked up, teeth got brushed, and no one complained. The fun part is marking it off :grin: This morning Himself happily brushed his teeth and made his bed, just so he could go to the list and mark them off. (It's Herself's day for chicken detail, so he couldn't mark that off...)

I need caffeine - but I'm trying to cut back. No more hot chocolate in the mornings (for now)....we'll see how long *that* lasts. (The fear of another kidney stone has prompted this) Right now, I'd kill for some....but I can wait. I'll have tea with lunch....and I'm thinking I'll be brewing some tea tonight. :grin:
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