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Oh noes! :giggle: - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase

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Previous Entry Oh noes! :giggle: May. 12th, 2008 @ 01:01 pm Next Entry
I think I'm losing my cred as a card-carrying gadget freak. In fact, I'll probably lose my card over this....:grin:

I freely admit to being a gadget freak. If it's new and shiny and I can justify it, it's mine. It's a failing...but hey, I live with it. I'm on my 2nd Palm (soon to be 3rd...this one's screen is just about dead - I can't put in any more data, and I have a hard time accessing what's already there), I'm about ready for iPod #2, and let's not count how many cell phones I've managed to kill (:sob: my Star Wars phone was the hardest to lose. I *miss* that phone! :grin:) My Magellean? Love it, but need to upgrade the software...:grin:

Well, when the iPhones first came out, I thought "Oooh! There's a thought...but the price has to come down, first!". Then I started thinking about it.....I mean, do I really need to replace my cell phone, palm, AND iPod with this new, shiny thing? :ponder:

Then Sweet Geek got one. I've been admiring it from afar....until Friday, when I got to get my hands on it. I was...Not Impressed, quite honestly. The screen...is small. The GPS doesn't have turn by turn directions. The touchpad......I couldn't get the damn thing to work properly - it kept putting up the wrong letters/numbers. It's.......not me. :gasp:

:sigh: Oh, well - I like my current phone, my 20g iPod is still limping along, and the palm will be replaced this weekend if not sooner. The iPhone is a neat idea...but I don't think they have it perfected yet. (Only MHO, you understand - *you* might love yours, and that's great).

Off to surf for a replacement palm...not sure what I want to upgrade to, but I gotta upgrade to *something*. That's a gadget I can't live without! :lol:

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