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I'm tired...

and the weekend has *just* begun!

Have both sheepie costumes finished. Completely....down to the tails, ears and horns on Himself's hood. (As he told me "Mama, I am a *boy* sheepie. I need horns!") They are tres cute!

Have wound the next ain't twill. *g* I was browsing my Handwoven design collection, and found the plan for the dishtowel the marvelous Char sent me, sooooooooo...that's what I'm warping up. Only slightly narrower and shorter. *g* I'll do my twill samples *next* warp!

Speaking of Char, she has some warping pictures on her website that intrigued me, so I am trying it her way for this warp. Of course, being me, I'm not following her exactly.....*g*

It's different..I'm taking pictures, just because, but at the moment I'm not sure I like it. I'm sleying the reed, and this way is a bit more difficult then my usual way. I'm withholding judgement, though - we'll see how it winds on. I haven't lost the cross - yet - so that's an improvement. I've gotten 5" sleyed so far...I'm hoping to get it sleyed and possibly threaded by tonight. Gotta take a nap, I might not finish. *g*

The kids decorated their pumpkins this AM - I had bought a kit where all you do is stick the eyes, nose, etc. on. Cheap plastic, but it's cute and a lot less effort then actually carving the suckers! I'll try to get pictures of them, too.....

Off to nap! I need to get my strength up so I can finish warping.
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