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:blech: Can we cancel today?

Or, really, yesterday from 1 PM onward? :sigh: See, my Jeepster has a crack in the windshield (again. WHAT is up with that? This is a *Jeep*....the windshield shouldn't crack when you look at it funny!). I called the guy that fixed it before (yes, this is crack #2..since a NEW vehicle. :sigh:), and he said yeah, he could fix it.

Lying sack o....nevermind. It's not lady-like. Yesterday morning I had a nice, lovely, crack in my windshield. Yesterday afternoon I had a crack, 3 holes, and a BILL for $45. To say I was upset..doesn't even *begin* to cover it. (Let's not even go into the fee...his card says "Cars $30, Trucks $40" Guess I got the repeat customer surcharge, huh?)

I am *still* upset this morning. I wrote him a note stating my disapointment (I won't call him - I'm so upset I'd probably start bawling on the phone..*that's* real professional!) and told him I wouldn't use him again. It made me feel a little better, anyway.

Only, now I'm out $45 and have *more* damage to get fixed. :sigh: I get to try and find someone else now.......and chocolate. Chocolate makes everything better.

Boss is I gotta skitter.
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