Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

No good deed...

goes unpunished. :grin: I have proof:

Last night, Herself came running into the house, all upset. Seems that there was a cat stuck in the fence. :sigh: I go and get my boots and jacket on and head out into the front yard.

Only, it wasn't a *cat*, it was a kitten, and it wasn't stuck in the fence. It was on my next-door neighbor's flatbed trailer (the one that's full of junk and covered with a ratty old tarp), tangled up in the strings off of the tarp.

So. I climb the fence and walk over there. The whole time I'm trying to calm the poor baby down - he's (she's? Whatever) crying and squalling - the strings had wrapped him up right in front of his back legs, and every time he moved they got tighter - with the most soothing voice I own. I check out the situation, and decide the best way to go about freeing him is to (gently) grab him behind the neck (like his momma would) and try to untwist the strings.

I got the grab-behind-the-neck part down...but I forgot that kittens come equipped with sharp fangs. He nailed me in my index finger with all four of them, clamped down, and refused to let go. Herself tossed me a pair of scissors, so I cut the strings (while cussing at the kitten - his teeth HURT!) - he let go and ran off as fast as his wee little legs would go.

I now have 4 deep puncture wounds on my finger. I doused them in half a bottle of hydrogen peroxide (which I am allergic to - go figure!), then sloshed betadine on. Before bed I applied tea tree oil...this morning was more tea tree oil and some arnica gel. My finger is very sore; the bites are red, but the finger is no longer swollen. Very stiff, too....:sigh:

Hope today isn't as exciting. :grin:

Got my "stimulus" check...must go spend it now. (On vacation stuff....yippee. Oh, well - better to spend it then put it in a bank that will probably fail soon....)
Tags: blather, country life

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