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It's Tuesday

and it isn't raining. How'd that happen? :grin: The pool is officially open - the water was a chilly 75* last night, but the outside temp was 95* (it hit 99* at one point!) so.....we hopped in anyway. Managed to stay in about 30 minutes, too.....:brrrrrrrrrrrrrr:

I need to get new chicken photos - they look like actual chickens now, and not...strange bird-like creatures. They're getting friendlier, too - they don't scatter like bugs when you go into the run now.

Re: Palm....don't ask. I am NOT happy with their "customer service" department...and a letter to corporate headquarters WILL be written. :stupid people: I lost an hour and a half of my life yesterday...and Someone will hear about it. :sigh: This will be the last Palm product I'll ever buy (it was #4...3 for me, and 1 I bought for my co-worker.) - I'll go with HP or someone else from now on. :bigger sigh:

Got a letter to write, so I'd best get on it!
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