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Previous Entry Whee! May. 23rd, 2008 @ 11:55 am Next Entry
Ms. boss didn't come in today, so I've been knitting. I finished the back of the cardigan!! Commence Happy Dancing, here!

Stats (so that I have them for records): a titch less than 6 balls (seriously - if I have 2 yards left of ball #6, I'll be surprised). 15 full pattern repeats, and 4 rows of #16 before bind off. 18" from ribbing to underarm (only slightly straightened; not really stretched) and 11" for the armhole (again, slightly straightened only).

My only concern is that the bind-off for the shoulders might not be wide enough. The pattern calls for binding off 47 stitches each side, leaving the center 44 on a holder (for the neck ribbing, later). Sweet Geek has *extremely* broad shoulders.....here's hoping it fits (or, not - I could use a nice cardigan. :lol:)

Off to lunch! I might CO the front button band after lunch...or, I might not. I do have some photos to edit.....
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