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It's Mon...wait, Tuesday...


Previous Entry It's Mon...wait, Tuesday... May. 27th, 2008 @ 07:30 am Next Entry
The weekend was long, but I coulda done without the extra day. :grin:

We saw Indiana Jones 4 on Sunday....:meh: They ruined the series...I mean, c'mon, the whole crystal skull thing? :bah: (The refridgerator scene was pretty funny, I have to admit) Oh, well..nice way to spend a couple of hours with Sweet Geek.

Monday, we did yard work. I broke the weedeater AND the waterline (the weedeater was def. my fault, the waterline, not so much) I get to call the plumber at 8...:sigh:

Not much else to report. We spent over an hour in the pool yesterday afternoon - I have a nice light burn to show for it. :grin:

Oh, I am 2 repeats into the right cardigan front. No, I didn't get pictures..bad me, no cookie. I was too busy knitting. :snicker:
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