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Well, THAT sucked...

we got to leave the office early today, since the A/C died. It was 90* when I got there at 7 AM.....anyway, on my way home, some moron in a white Mercedes decided that HE deserved my lane..and ran me off the road.

Both right-side tires were shredded, and both rims pretty nicked up. Thankfully, I wasn't hurt, and neither was Libby.....

$300 later, I have new tires. The rims are OK...but STILL. This is a brand-spanking new Jeep...WHY would it not be as important as some asshole's Mercedes???

One funny thing: When you call AAA, you get a recording. Typical message "Thank you for calling AAA. If you need roadside assistance, please press 1...etc". Well, I was upset, so I said "F*** off"...the sweet voice said "Thank you! I will transfer you to an attendant! Have a nice day" :snicker:

I'm home now, almost calmed down. I did get 3 hours of knitting time in at Discount Tires (where AAA dropped me off) - think I'll go take a nap now.
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