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Is school out yet?


Previous Entry Is school out yet? May. 29th, 2008 @ 08:27 am Next Entry
'Cause my kids are driving me *nuts* - today is, in fact, the last day, and MAN Alive are my kids celebrating. :rolls eyes: They are looking forward to a summer of doin' nuthin'. :grin:

Co-worker isn't in today - her husband fell at dialysis yesterday (x2) and has been admitted into the hospital. He's got a bactieral infection (they think), they are having a hard time keeping his blood pressure normal (when he was admitted, it was way, way, WAY low, 2 hours later it was something like 250/100. (Way HIGH). He's in dialysis now, and when he gets done they will be wheeling him into surgery to put in a "pit line" (?) - a catheter directly into the heart. :shudder: NOT fun at all.

Especially when you consider that Ms boss is being a bitch about it (yeah, she's REAL Chrischun, y'know.) - she told co-worker yesterday morning (BEFORE we got the call from the dialysis center) that if she needed to be with him, SHE needed to know so she could find someone else. THEN, she told me...wait, let me back up a bit. Our A/C has been out - again. Yesterday, they were working on it. The lady next door came in to update us, and told us that the people across the hall were thinking of moving out - they are a web-based business, and Tuesday they nearly lost their server due to high heat. I off-handedly remarked that I didn't blame them...and was told by Ms boss that maybe *I* should move, since I had that opinion. :blink:

She is a HR nightmare. Co-worker and I are just biding our time..the minute she fires either one of us, we will BOTH go to an attorney. This is....if the compensation (NOT the pay...the pay..well, I haven't had a raise in over 8 years) weren't so good (the company pays MY health insurance AND the kid's, plus I get a little bit of gas compensation - not a lot but it helps - ...both of which Mr Boss started back before he got so sick) I'd be out of here now. :sigh:

At least I have a lunch date to look forward to....Sweet Geek ran me home last night, since I carpool with co-worker, and Libby was at her house. I think he deserves to be compensated...:grin:
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Date:May 29th, 2008 06:45 pm (UTC)

HR nightmare

If I hadn't met, on many occassions, my Mr. Boss's sister and know her to be a charming, sweet, delightful person, I would seriously wonder if your Ms. Boss and my Mr. Boss were seperated at birth.

I have been known to go to work when sick just because I get less s&%t from him if I show up obviously ill and then go home then I do if I call out sick. You'd think that someone he has trusted to handle all of the financial details of his business and has employed for over 20 years could be trusted to really be sick when she calls and tells him she is, but then I guess he wouldn't be Mr. Boss.
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Date:May 29th, 2008 11:40 pm (UTC)

Re: HR nightmare

I hear ya - Mr. Boss was a class-A Jerk, but he *always* made up for it later. Ms. boss? Not even.....we spend more time doing her personal shit than actual work some days (like...when co-worker has to take her shopping. (No, really!) Or..go to the doctor with her. :shakes head:)

My personal favorite: I am incapable of doing *anything* without supervision. I've been here 16+ years, *I* set up most of the QB accounts and Excel spreadsheets, but I can't write checks without help. :sigh: Never mind that Ms. boss has NO CLUE on anything, and can't balance her checkbook without help (oh, but seriously...*I* have to balance her personal account every month, because she can't. :rolls eyes:)
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