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What a weekend!


Previous Entry What a weekend! Oct. 25th, 2004 @ 08:38 am Next Entry
First, my MIL calls - her BIL had a sudden heart attack and died on Saturday, so they are now in Kentucky for the funeral today. *Then*, my dad called - he's down near Houston for a family reunion, and while there, his oldest brother had a heart attack and is in ICU (or was yesterday). *sigh*

And, no sign of the "friend" who wanted to borrow a costume.

Good news: The next warp is beamed and started. I have taken some pictures of the process, and will update the webpage later this week - doc appt today, so no time - with "how I do it" pictures.

I made 2 sleying errors, and 2 threading errors. Fixed the crossed threads....tried to ignore the sley error, but couldn't. Had to cut out 1" of weft to fix it. I cheated, though - I had skipped 2 dents completly, and instead of re-sleying all the warp to that point, I robbed a thread from a neighboring dent to fix it. Messes up the EPI a bit, but I was fed up at that point and didn't care. The new weaving looks good, so I think I'll just ignore it and proceed.

I didn't have quite enough yarn to make this warp symmetrical, so these towels will be for *me*. It's a learning experience anyway, so it's not a big deal; plus, I'll be more apt to actually *use* them since they're not going to be perfect.

Gotta go to the doc!
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