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It's Friday, school's out...

and Herself was promoted to 6th grade! (Yes, this was up for question). She is a brilliant child.....but lazy to the nth degree. For lack of homework, she was carrying a 56 (!!!) in English/Science, and a 62 (!) in Math. She brought both up - English/Science to 77 (!!!!!) and Math to only 6 weeks. :whew:

For the record, she was *doing* the homework - I saw it, I checked it - she just wasn't turning it in. :shakes head:

Himself, of course, is still on track to be his class valedictorian. :grin:

Coworker's Husband made it thru yesterday's he has another one today. This one is to scrape out one of the infected wounds on his hips..:shudder: NOT fun at all. :sigh: Which, of course, means *I* am alone with Ms boss again. (Not whining, really...just......ugh. :grin:)

Need to skitter - gotta get the checks printed!
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